What Is Wildlife Research Team?

Dr. Tom Kazo

As implied by its name, Wildlife Research Team, Inc., in its service to the betterment of flora and fauna through environmental projects and studies, seeks to educate, enlighten, and create awareness and understanding in the public consciousness as to these goals and purposes, to be accomplished by training, study, hands-on experience, and compound participation of effort.

The specific purposes of Wildlife Research Team are exclusively charitable, cultural, scientific and educational, within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and being principally to use canoes to:

  • Demonstrate sensitivity to habitat destruction and preservation;
  • Accomplish research and environmental studies, exploration, mapping and charting, scientific, medical and stress-reduction programs;
  • Perform cleanup and maintenance of waterways;
  • Conduct studies of flora and fauna;
  • Exercise charters of general and specific members of the public;
  • Fulfill community service activities;
  • Create opportunities for young persons to experience firsthand interaction with nature;
  • Design therapeutic programs whereby persons with disabilities are able to gain enhancement of being through more intimate contact with flora and fauna in their natural homes;
  • All of the above without endangerment to the environment or causing hazards of pollution;
  • Make its presence known through lectures, classes, and demonstrations, publications such as books, brochures, newsletters, magazine and newspaper articles, and visual means of communication such as photography, videography and cinematography, and through displays at public events such as shows, fairs, festivals and fundraisers, and through sale of items created by Wildlife Research Team volunteers for purposes of raising funds, and through skills and activities that utilize the unique creative talents of Wildlife Research Team members.

A Notice for Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts of Troop 245 working toward Merit Badges with WRT

Scouts needing or wanting community service hours can obtain them from Wildlife Research Team (a federally registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization). These hours can be used for the requirements for high school graduation, Bright Futures Scholarships, or various other community service projects.

Environmental students will find our projects exciting; full of environmental questions and answers.