How and Why to Join WRT

Hope to see YOU in a black canoe!

Why Join WRT?

People who have joined WRT give their own reasons, of course, but "making a difference" is a common reason. A quick visit to our Galleries will introduce you to some truly beautiful people, having a great time, working together to help out Mother Nature as they improve their physical health.

Another benefit of Membership: special outings in our canoes for just us, such as scouting expeditions, picnics, snorkeling, camping etc., for which there will be small users' fees to mainly cover the day's expenses (launch fees, campsites, etc.).

Some Members who show exceptional dedication may even become paid, Certified Canoe Guide/Naturalists! Would you like to be PAID to paddle a canoe?

How to Become a Member

One of the things that makes WRT different from other organizations is that we do not charge membership dues. Volunteer with us for just 20 (twenty) hours and you are a Lifetime Member! Membership is, of course, open to everyone, no matter your political affiliation, race, religious persuasion or physical ability. Even though the majority of our Members join because they love the physical challenges of the outdoors, we also create volunteer opportunities for those who are not so athletic.

Children can join at the age of seven, perhaps earlier; it depends on the maturity of the child. Of course, a parent or guardian must remain with the child, unless special arrangements have been made.

People who have helped us behind the scenes in differing ways are gratefully acknowledged as Honorary or Supporting Members.

Contact Us and Sign Up for the Newsletter

This is your first step toward Membership! Let us know who you are, what you want from us, and how we can let you know what's going on. Contact WRT at (954) 474-8194, send us an email at, or simply sign up by entering your email address below.

Sign Up With WRT
We will not share your information with anyone.

Our newsletter, The Canoe View News, will help keep you up-to-date with activities and opportunities with WRT. It is not sent out on a regular schedule but rather when there is news to report; usually about every week or two, so don't worry about feeling "spammed." However, if you would still prefer not to receive the newsletter, you are able to opt out at any time.

Canoeing 101

This is your second step toward Membership! This basic training session is designed to keep everyone safer and more comfortable in a canoe. As part of our nonprofit mission to get as many people out into Nature safely, we offer it FREE to the public. Classes are kept small so you will enjoy personal attention as you learn the ABCs of this rewarding lifetime skill. We hope Canoeing 101 will encourage even those people who are less athletically inclined to overcome their hesitation and open up new horizons as they improve their health. Even if you don't want to join WRT, you can take Canoeing 101, so that on your next vacation, you can rent a canoe with confidence.

Reservations are required, so please sign up for our newsletter first!

WRT volunteers heading out for a cleanup along the mangrove coast of Biscayne Bay


Volunteers are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization, and WRT has always provided some of the most exciting opportunities for our people. As mentioned above, volunteering for 20 hours is how a person earns Lifetime Membership in WRT. Even if you have challenges to your physical health, you are welcome to volunteer with us. Although we are renowned for our waterway and coastal cleanups, not everything we do is on the water! We have shop workdays, for example, and other land-based tasks that are just as important to our Team, by which you can build up your Volunteer Hours.

As a Federally-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we offer Community Service Hours to students.

Start the fun by contacting us and signing up for our "Canoe View News" email newsletters! Next step is Canoeing 101. Even if you "already know how to paddle" we hold firm on this requirement. We have our own ways of doing a few things. Never be afraid to be a beginner!

Just Want To Go Out For a Fun Trip With WRT?

Do you just want to take a relaxing, fascinating cruise through Nature without having to volunteer, work, or even paddle? Then visit our Events page for information about setting up your own customized excursion! You will still be required to attend Canoeing 101, to help guarantee your safety and satisfaction.

Kevin Rapczynski and Jamie Cannon

We hope to hear from you!